25+ Fantastic Valentine Class Party Ideas (2024)

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Just in time for Valentine's Day, I've rounded up over 25 fantastic Valentine class party ideas. If you're in charge or planning on helping in the classroom, check out this list of games, crafts, printables and more!

25+ Fantastic Valentine Class Party Ideas (1)

Valentine Class Party Ideas

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Valentine Crafts

Toilet Roll Love Bugs from Red Ted Art

Love Bugs Valentine Craft from One Creative Mommy

Valentine Bookmark Coloring Printable from Balancing Home

Easiest Valentine Class Party Ideafrom One Creative Mommy

Bleeding Hearts Preschool Valentine Art from Walking by the Way

Heart Marshmallow Toothpick Structures from Buggy and Buddy

Quick and Easy Valentine Paper Heart Chains from One Creative Mommy

Heart Shaped Snowflakes Craft from Red Ted Art

Valentine Love Trees from One Creative Mommy (for a classroom activity, skip the love notes, and just use plain hearts for leaves)

No time to do the prep work for these crafts? Try some of these quick ideas from Amazon. (Affiliate links)

Games and Printable Valentine Class Party Ideas

25+ Fantastic Valentine Class Party Ideas (11)

Valentine's Day Bingo from One Creative Mommy

Valentine's Day I Spy Printable from Live Laugh Rowe

Valentines Minute to Win It from Makoodle

Valentine's Day Word Scramble from Moritz Fine Designs Blog

Marshmallow Games for Kids from The Jenny Evolution

Valentine's Day Word Puzzle Free Printable from The Resourceful Mama

Valentine's Day Love Monsters Match Game from The Frugal Fairy -- this site got deleted. I'll try to remake a similar game for you and add it here!

Measuring with Candy Hearts Free Printable from Buggy and Buddy

25+ Fantastic Valentine Class Party Ideas (19)
Conversation Starter Hearts Classroom Game from Arts Crackers

My Heart is Bursting Classroom Valentine Activity from Balancing Home

Cupid's Arrow Game from Hopeful Homemaker

Musical Hearts Game from Teach Mama

Classroom Treats {Allergy Friendly}

Fruit and Chocolate Lady Bug Treats from The Soccer Mom Blog

Pink Popcorn from Homemaking Hacks

If that isn't enough Valentine class party ideas, try this Free Classroom Valentine's Day Party Planning Guide from Pre-K Pages!

Have a great party! If you're looking for some super fun Valentines for your kiddo to take to the party, be sure to check out all of my printable Valentines. And don't forget your Valentine box! Check out my favorites here.

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25+ Fantastic Valentine Class Party Ideas (34)

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  1. Kim

    Lots of great ideas! I'm doing games for one of the parties this year and look forward to looking through all the ideas. Thanks for including my word puzzle!


  2. Joyce

    What a terrific collection of really cute ideas! You've saved me a lot of searching time. I'll use some of these at my family Valentine crafting party. The grandkids come to make cards for their parents, but we need games too! Thank you!


  3. tanya

    I love all of the good ideas! I really like the estimate with the heart candies and the matching card game. Thanks!


  4. Hollie

    Awe these are all great ideas. I love Valentines Day and I wish it was all year long. I need to make some of these!


  5. Amber Myers

    These are some great ideas. My daughter wishes she were still in elementary school sometimes for the parties. She is still passing out some goodies to friends in Middle School though.


    • Heidi

      This is my second year with no kids in elementary school, and I miss helping to make the valentines and valentine boxes.


  6. Kay

    Lovely ideas here!! My daughter will be having fun this weekend!


  7. Tara Pittman

    I love the spiders and the butterflies. I need to make these with my boys


  8. Chad

    I suuuuper love these ideas!!! Doing these DIY with my boy would be so much fun really. Great ideas.


  9. Cindy E Ingalls

    All great ideas. A lot of these would be fun for rainy days too.


  10. Marie Phillips

    Such fun ideas! I think my favorite is making towers with marshmallows and toothpicks. But I fear my son would eat all the marshmallows and not build the tower, lol.


  11. Natalia

    Valentine's is a wonderful time to make use of our kids' creativity. Too bad, I'm not a mom yet, but I'll share these ideas with my mommy friends, as I think they are really interesting. :)


  12. GiGi Eats

    I loved school PURELY because I loved when holidays rolled around! An excuse to bust out of the norm of learning and do arts and crafts and eat treats lol!


  13. Candace Hampton

    Holy Valentine's Day! This is everything you need and more to celebrate. Valentine's Day at school was always so magical because everyone was so happy and nice. This post made me feel that way!


  14. Nina

    that is a great list of valentine party ideas ! what a great way to celebrate it with creativity


  15. Fatima Torres

    How sweet are these Valentine's Day crafts. We love creating little creatures out of construction paper.


  16. Adriana

    Increíble me encanta tu trabajo.. todas tus ideas las hago con mis pequeños ... soy mamá de dos niños pequeños.


    • Heidi

      Gracias, Adriana. Niños pequeños! Debes estar muy ocupado. ¡Feliz día de San Valentín!


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25+ Fantastic Valentine Class Party Ideas (2024)
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