35 Valentine's Day Classroom Party Ideas - Make and Takes (2024)

Are you helping with a classroom party this year? Possibly a room parent? Or maybe you’re planning a Valentine’s get together with your family and friends! Well, we’re here to help with your party ideas.I love celebrating with parties during holidays, especially Valentine’s Day. There are so many fun ways to decorate and celebrate with hearts!

35 Valentine's Day Classroom Party Ideas - Make and Takes (1)

We’ve got 35 Valentine’s Classroom Party Ideas just for you!

Party Tip: It works really well to have rotating stations foryour classroom party ideas. You can easily fill 1 hour with 4-5 stations set up around the room. Each station sharing something different for the kids to create, play, craft, and eat for about 10-15 minutes at a time. You can always gather everyone together at the end to eat their snack and listen to a story.

Valentine’s Classroom Party Ideas Games:

1.Giant Heart Tic Tac Toe– Create a tic tac toe game board with a red poster and a fewhandmade heart bean bags. You could make a few of these so 4-6 kids could be playing all at the same time.

2.Valentine Heart Airplanes – Whip up a few of these for a craft and then have the kids fly them to see who can hit a heart target across the room. Hearts will be flying!

3.Heart Healthy Exercise – This is one of my favorites, I do it almost every year. The kids get into it and it will keep them going for a good 10 minutes. And the kids are exercising, even better. **If you’d like to download a free printable version of this board, visit Fantastic Find who created one the kids can take home!

4.Valentine Heart Puzzles – You can make these ahead of time and the kids have to figure them out, or this can be a fun craft for the kids. Maybe have the kids swap puzzles and try to put each other’s puzzles back together.

5.Hide and Seek the Heart – Again, with the same handmade bean bags from the tic tac toe game, you can play a game of hide and seek. This is best done with the whole class. Have one child leave the room. Another child will hide the heart, and then the first child will come in and find it. The other children can help by saying hot or cold!

6.Heart Letter Match – this game could be played with any type of learning objective. You could create 3-4 games of these and let the kids match them up and take turns with each set.

7. Teacher Heart Attack – give your child’s teacher a “heart attack” by having all the kids write down what they love about their teacher on a heart. Then take each heart and tape them up on her door or onto a giant poster sized heart. He or she will LOVE it. Craft idea by Skip to My Lou.

Valentine’s Party Crafts:

8.Paper Heart Lei – this is fun to have each child create, simply with straws and hearts. Here’s a video I’ve done making cutting hearts a breeze!

9.Crafting Angry Love Birds– these angry little birds are crafted with LOVE. Make these with a little yarn and pipe cleaners for a fun kids craft.

10.Valentine’s Coloring Pages – download and print off these free coloring pages. If you’re done with a specific activity early, these are a great way to keep the kids focused at their station.

11.Valentine Pom Pom Flowers – create somesimple pom pom flowersusing Valentine color combo – red and peach. It’s an easy project you can finish with just some basic yarn.

12.Lovebird Paper Garland – fold your paper accordion style and make a long chain of darling lovebirds.

13.Heart-Shaped Pipe Cleaner Rings– afew twists to your pipe cleaners and you’ve got some quick bling. These would be perfect to add to Valentines.

14.Pipe Cleaner Heart Glasses– or love goggles if you will. With just 3 pipe cleaners, each child in the class will go home with a fun new pair of glasses!

15.Heart-Shaped Friendship Bracelets–get the kids crafty and in the giving spirit with a few fun heart-shaped friendship bracelets.

16.Cupid’s Bow and Arrows– craft up a set of your own bow and arrows to mark your love target!

17.Heart Yarn Art– let the kids craft with yarn and glue to make an ever-growing heart.

18.Chalk Pastel Hearts – using a simple stencil and chalk pastels, we created these fun pictures with a random design of positive and negative heart shapes.

19.Pom-Pom Love Magnets – these are a perfect craft to make and give to your friends in class. These love bugs can be small toys or add on a magnet to the bottom of the heart feet.

Valentine’s Party Cards:

20. Despicable Me Valentine’s –freeDespicable Me 2 Valentine’s printable, just for you!! My kids are already crazy for these minions, so this will be a fun Valentine to give out to their friends and classmates.

21. Monsterific Cards – makethese fun monster cards for Valentine’s Day. They are sure to be “eye-popping” fun for any boy or girl to receive!

22. Valentine’s Pop Up Cards – this is a great card for you or your little one to help make for Valentines, making heart’s pop!

23. Knock Knock Valentines Box –get them involved in Valentine’s Day then to make this year’s Valentines all about Knock, Knock Jokes.

24. Heart Stitched Greeting Card – when finished, this card can be used for your loved one on a special Valentines, for neighbors and friends, gift giving, or even as a decoration in your home.

25. Sweet Valentine’s Mail Boxes – nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like little pink mailboxes with little red flags.

26. Robot Valentine’s Cards – they are easy for little ones because you can construct them from simple shapes such as squares, circles, rectangles and ovals.

Valentine’s Party Food:

27.Heart Shaped Cookies Creatures – Make a big batch of heart shaped sugar cookies and let the kids decorate them to look like fun heart shaped creatures.

28. Valentine’s Smoothie – this would be a fun fruit smoothies to serve to your little classroom Valentines.

29. Heart Cookie Sandwiches –these little cookie hearts were meant to beat as one! They are perfect and cute and pink with red sprinkles.

30. Heart Shaped Snack – you can pretty much form or cut a heart into any snack for kids. Cheese, crackers, cookies, bread, watermelon, strawberries. You could even make a fun heart shaped snack kabob on a wood skewer.

31.Marshmallow Heart Necklaces – These are too cute and the kids will love to thread through a marshmallow, making a fun necklace. This idea comes from Cute Food For Kids.

Valentine’s Classroom Party Ideas for Story time:

32. Story time: You can do this in a small group setting as you rotate through children or as a whole class activity. Here are a few appropriate stories perfect for the classroom!

More Classroom Party Ideas:

33.Room Mom Spot by Volunteer Spot

34.Love Crush Party by Hostess with the Mostess

35.Milk and Cookie Valentine Party ideas from Pizzazzerie

35 Valentine's Day Classroom Party Ideas - Make and Takes (2024)
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