7 Best No Contract & Month-to-Month Gyms Near You | Dr Workout (2023)

The most annoying thing about grabbing a membership at most gyms is, they will ask you to sign a contract for one year or more.

Either because you just skimmed through the document, or because you couldn’t find any other option, you will end up signing the contract. But it may be only after a few months, you will no longer want to be a member there.

However, it may be too late; you will either have to pay some hefty cancellation fee to get out of the contract, or will end up continuing your membership even though you don’t want to.

This is the case with most gyms, but not always; there are some gyms with month to month membership.

In these gyms, you can enroll for month-to-month memberships wherein you can cancel your membership whenever you want.

Neither will there be any early cancellation fee, nor will you have to continue your membership just for the sake of the contract.

That being said, keep in mind that such no contract gym memberships will naturally have higher monthly fees than that of longer duration contracts.

However, if you aren’t quite sure about whether you can continue your membership for the whole contract duration, the month-to-month flexible plan may come as a blessing.

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So, which are those gyms that offer no contract memberships?

Well, through this article, we will give a detailed answer to your questions ‘no contract gyms near me’ or ‘gyms near me no contract‘, that anyone would naturally ask.

Further, will also give you insight on expected monthly fees for such no commitment memberships, how likely it is to find their club near you, etc.

So, read along!

What Will I Learn?

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Planet Fitness

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Planet Fitness is one such gym that needs no introduction among fitness enthusiasts in America, especially among starters.

They have membership plans that can cost as low as $10 per month, which you can hardly hear at any other popular gym chains.

Although most plans at Planet Fitness are for a year’s duration, they also offer month to month gym memberships. By paying a few more bucks, say for a monthly fee of $15, you can grab a no contract membership at Planet Fitness.

Also, Planet Fitness is present in more than 2000 locations around the United States. So, when you search for “gyms that don’t require commitment near me”, Planet Fitness is an obvious answer you will get.

Furthermore, if you wish to take a Planet Fitness membership, we would suggest you go for the month to month plan rather than a long term commitment.

Why we say so is, as you may know, most Planet Fitness clubs come with very basic facilities, and also don’t have a great workout environment. Their policies are ideal for casual gym-goers who focus mainly on socializing rather than working out.

Most likely, you will be joining Planet Fitness as a starter, and there are chances that later, you will wish to upgrade your membership to a better gym.

Considering such possibilities, a month-to-month contract is perhaps the best option in Planet fitness.

24 Hour Fitness

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24 Hour Fitness is yet another popular gym with no commitment. It is basically a mid-ranged gym with monthly fees close to $47; certainly more than Planet Fitness.

However, 24 Hour Fitness does offer great facilities as compared to PF.

So, if you are serious about working out, and are looking for a mid range gym without membership contract, 24 Hour Fitness can come as an answer.

Also, they are present in more than 400 in the USA and hence, unless you live in a very small town, you can find one near you as well.

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And speaking of the prices, the no-commitment plan at 24 Hour Fitness may cost $51.99, a few more bucks than their longer contract plan.

But when you join, you will have to pay for your last month in advance. You can also expect an initiation fee which also comes in that range.

Crunch Fitness

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Crunch Fitness often comes across as a budget gym due to its $9.99 membership plans. That’s true, they do offer such affordable membership plans while providing excellent facilities; certainly better than Planet Fitness.

Yes, Crunch Fitness does offer no commitment gym memberships; but keep in mind that for this plan, your monthly fee will not be $9.99, but can be multiple times higher.

Usually, the monthly fee for Crunch Fitness month to month membership can come around $27.99, which is almost 3 times higher than what you’d pay for a 12 month commitment plan.

Therefore, we suggest you go for the no contract gym membership at Crunch Fitness, only if you aren’t certain about how long you can continue to be a member there.

And if you believe you can continue your membership for a longer period, we believe it is better to go for the contract membership.

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Gold’s Gym

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If you have serious fitness goals, Gold’s Gym may be the destination for you. They offer excellent facilities and more than that, encourage you to work harder towards your goal.

Among several plans that Gold’s Gym offers, one is their month to month plan. The monthly price of the month to month gym membership at Gold’s Gym can come around $49. Whereas, their 12 month and 24 month contracts have a monthly fee of only $29 and $25 respectively.

Overall, if you are a serious gym goer and are looking for a perfect choice among gyms without membership contract, Gold’s Gym may be the answer.

However, if you are serious about working out, you are likely to continue your membership in Gold’s Gym. In such cases, it may be better to sign the commitment contract.

But still, it’s all up to you.

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Now, another thing you need to know about no-contract membership prices is, in addition to the monthly fee, you will also have to pay a start-up fee of $74. Also, there will be a late fee, which depends on several factors; contact your local club to learn more about late fees.

That being said, if you are about to shift your location, or aren’t quite sure how long you will be there, there is no doubt that you should go for the month-to-month plan.

Also, speak with the club executives, understand their exact prices, how much they charge to cancel memberships, etc.

Workout Anytime

Workout Anytime is yet another super affordable gym that offers no-contracts memberships that cost less than $20 per month.

But what makes Workout Anytime greater even among gyms with month to month membership is, they don’t have an initiation fee or other extra fees that other gyms usually charge for such plans.

And despite such low pricing, workout anytime does offer decent facilities for weight training and cardio exercises. So, a membership there is a good deal, especially if you aren’t quite sure about how long you will be there.

However, a possible issue is that there aren’t many workout anytime club locations; in total, they have close to 160 clubs across the United States.

We aren’t saying 160 is a small number, but there are some gyms that have even more clubs.

However, if you could find a Workout Anytime club near you, then that’s a great deal for you.

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Pure Gym

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Of all gyms without membership contracts in the United Kingdom, Pure Gym is perhaps the best option for you. They have close to 300 clubs across the UK and offer affordable membership plans.

Also, Pure Gym is marking their presence in the United States, as they have already opened a few clubs (their first club in the USA in Springfield, Virginia) across the country.

Speaking of the prices, the monthly fee for Pure Gym month-to-month membership comes somewhere around £20; and exact prices may vary between gym locations.

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So, considering the prices and decent facilities that they offer, Pure Gym is a great option for those in the UK looking for gym memberships with no strings attached.

And if you are in America, check whether they have a club in your town; they are about to open some new studios soon.

Blink Fitness

Last but not least, Blink Fitness is yet another affordable gym in the United States that offers no-contract, month to month gym membership.

Memberships there may cost somewhere between $10 and $29, depending on the facilities you choose to have. Exact prices vary from club to club.

But as a rough estimate, for the no contract membership at Blink Fitness, you can expect a monthly fee of $25 in most gym locations, along with an initiation fee that you will have to pay while joining.

Speaking of club facilities, we would say Blink Fitness offers not-too-bad facilities, and is worth the money.

However, a drawback with Blink Fitness is that they are present in only 50 locations across the United States in big towns.

But if you live in towns like NY, LA , NJ, etc., Blink Fitness can come as a great choice if you are looking for gyms without contracts.

So, whichever your city is, do check if there is a Blink Fitness club near you.

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Final Words

Those were the best gyms without membership contracts where you won’t have to commit to a long term plan. Other popular gyms may also offer such monthly plans, but often in only some selected locations.

Opting for a month-to-month plan is a great option if you are not sure of how long you will be a member at a gym. So, if you have any of these month to month gyms near you, contact them directly and learn about their exact prices, facilities they offer, and additional discounts.

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But before opting for such a plan, make sure that it will be profitable in the long run; for instance, in Crunch Fitness, the month-to-month plan’s monthly cost is almost thrice as compared to long term commitment membership.

So, consider all these factors while searching for no contract gym memberships.


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