G Herbo - Hail Mary Lyrics (2024)

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G Herbo

Herbert Wright III (born October 8, 1995), better known by his stage name G Herbo (formerly known as Lil Herb) is an American rapper and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois.Herb is signed to Machine Entertainment Group. He has released the mixtapes Welcome to Fazoland (2014), Pistol P Project (2014), Ballin Like I'm Kobe (2015), and Strictly 4 My Fans (2016). His studio albums are his debut Humble Beast (2017) and, with Southside of 808 Mafia, Swervo (2018), his first major release through Epic Records. more »


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I ain't no killer I just be with themF*ck nigg* better not push meI ain't puss* leave you gushingI once realized upon a time when I escaped demiseI possessed the heart of a lionLooking homicide right down the eyesMurder, blood, money on my mindTrapping selling dimes in a line of fireShootouts broad day on the 9Swear I could rewind to those a thousand timesThis the life I chose thats fine guess I'mma tote my ironThrough this lifestyle we still smileSee who got the rawest gat around the guysYoung nigg*s living and grew up wildWalk up man just to see who down to rideRemember nigg*s couldn't come outsideSee clips straight through blocks down to 5Yes same routine everytime riding round mask, 2 GlocksNo gloves hell naw we ain't throwing no gunsThese brand new Glocks, I might go to hellWhen I'm smoking Mary nigg* I'm a young 2Pac50 guns everybody clipped and readyI don't even know who shotLook like nowadays everybody stretching worldEnding like the ArmageddonGo and hold tight on my .357Thinking am I still going to go to heavenKnow my granny there, Lord let me inYeah you know that'll be a blessingSend me with the demons all in hell schemingIt'll be just like I'm back on EssexIced out whor*s on my necklaceWar where I'm from had to learn none lessThen attack or protect itAl Capone "baby face" Nelson Biggie Smalls Pac ResurrectionCome with me!Never watched a homicideRun quick seeNo where to run to now, we gon' let them choppas rideLa dadadada dada dahCome with me!Never watched a homicideRun quick seeNo where to run to now, we gon' let them choppas rideLa dadadada dada dahLooking down that barrel of that 40 caliberYou could see the ghost of LuciferLooking like he coming after yaI done did the streets before feel like I'm on another chapterBut everytime I'm in my cityMo blood get shed then West AfricaMurders like the Boston MassacreJust another day with my savagesDucking penitentiary chances went againstAll them odds and averagesI was on the 8 block everyday posted upHad my own lil .38 co*ckedMe Crazy James, J dot, CJ, Took ten Weezy still on the 8 hotW2fl had Twitter going up hashtag when the tape dropI was in the streets 24 nights down no loveLil herb give a f*ck if my face hotWhat a nigg* gon' do to me who is heNo he ain't true as me, murder on somebody nigg*If they ever shoot at meAnd they say I ride like I'm Bone Thugs N HarmonyWhen I start flowing with fluencyPeople asking me Herbo how I remain humbleWhen nigg*s stay talking 'bout doing meFocusing on the road, had to pull out some showsA couple still talking 'bout sueing meYoung Pac in the flesh, Glock on my waistGold chain on top of my vestHit 'em up and soon as I get around my ambitionzAs a rider y'all know the restMy ambition as a rider in a black S550Flipping through NevadaDo the strip like it don't matterAnything for the cake f*ck around and take yo batterAnd I use to have dreams of being above the rimOn the court shooting hoops but insteadI was posted on Essex me Capo, and Lil RocToted jocks with the juiceCome with me!Never watched a homicideRun quick seeNo where to run to now, we gon' let them choppas rideLa dadadada dada dahCome with me!Never watched a homicideRun quick seeNo where to run to now, we gon' let them choppas rideLa dadadada dada dah

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G Herbo - Hail Mary Lyrics (2024)
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