Internet-famous Dave Portnoy ranked 5 metro Phoenix pizzerias 'forgettable' to 'perfect' (2024)

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Internet-famous Dave Portnoy ranked 5 metro Phoenix pizzerias 'forgettable' to 'perfect' (1)

Internet-famous Dave Portnoy ranked 5 metro Phoenix pizzerias 'forgettable' to 'perfect' (2)

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Founder and owner of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, was in the Valley for the Final Four. While in town, he stopped by five local restaurants to conduct his social media pizza reviews.

Known for his internet personality, Portnoy is not only a part of the BFFs podcast with influencers Josh Richards and Brianna LaPaglia, he is also popular for his pizza reviews for which his catchphrase is, “One bite, everybody knows the rules” as he makes stops at various pizza shops across the country and gives them a rating from 1-10 on a slice of their plain cheese. Portnoy is hard to please. He rarely, if ever, hands out numbers ranking higher than 9.

Given that, he handed out pretty high ratings to five metro Phoenix pizzerias during his 2024 visit.

Dave Portnoy has reviewed pizza in Arizona before

This isn’t the first time Portnoy has reviewed pizza spots in the Valley, let alone Arizona. When he was here for the Super Bowl he visited some local spots in Phoenix and Tucson.

He posted a review of the famous Pizzeria Bianco on Feb. 9, 2023. He said the pizza was “impossible to get,” he showed up at 10:30 a.m. and the spot already had a line out the door with an hour and a half wait, all before the 11 a.m. open.

Portnoy said you can’t get the pizza to go so you have to show up and that’s why he was “doing this one a little bit differently.”

He described the pizza as having a “good undercarriage” and an “outrageous crisp.” He said you could taste how fresh it is and mentioned that organic, locally sourced ingredients are used. Portnoy rated the spot a 7.3.

On Jan. 11, 2023, he tried Squared Up Pizza in Tucson which he gave the Sicilian-style square pizza a 7.6.

“This is a good quality, solid Sicilian square slice,” Portnoy said.

He gave the round pie a 7.9, calling it “crisp, excellent.”

Portnoy reviewed Villa Della Slice Shop on Jan. 10, 2023, and gave it a 7.9.

“Has big time taste, great sauce, great flavor,” Portnoy said. “I need a little more crunch I think to put me in the 8s with this.”

Here's how he ranked five local pizzerias on his most recent visit.

Pizza On 40th got a 7.1

Portnoy stopped by Pizza On 40th located at 937 E. Indian School Road in Phoenix. He left a review through an Instagram video posted on Thursday, April 11.

"Looked good, that's a pretty New York-style thing, good little bubbles, I like bubble trouble," Portnoy said. "Thin, oh pretty good crisp. Scottsdale it's not the greatest pizza city, but it's not the worst. Good undercarriage."

He called the pizza "good-ish" rating it a 7.1. He said it was a very basic New York style, he wouldn't blink or look back for it. If it was in the streets of New York it would be an "average," "forgettable," "normal" pizza.

Pizza By Napoli scored 7.2

Portnoy's latest stop on his pizza tour throughout the Valley, posted in a video on his Instagram @stoolpresidente on Tuesday, April 16, included Pizza by Napoli, located at 3425 W. Thunderbird Road in Phoenix.

Portnoy said he decided to visit after he got a DM from the shop owner's daughter about a year ago and then again recently, asking him to come and leave a review.

"Looks like a football pie, pretty good. A little doughy ... would I make a trip an hour-and-a-half to eat it? No. Would I come here because this girl wants her dad and her family business to thrive so much and they've been here 35 years? Absolutely."

He gave them a 7.2 rating and said "sometimes it's more than pizza, it's people more than the pizza."

Lamp Pizzeria earned a 7.6

Portnoy said he waited about 2 hours to get a pizza at Lamp Pizzeria, which people warned him about. Located at 8900 E. Pinnacle Peak Road in Scottsdale, the review was posted on Instagram on Monday, April 15.

He said the pizza was "really great" but for him woodfire is not his favorite style. He gave the spot 7.6, which he said was a "monster score for this style of pizza." Portnoy said the taste was "really spectacular" and you could tell the oils, sauces and everything were super fresh.

"We got some good pizza in Scottsdale today," Portnoy said.

He said it was worth the two hour wait for the experience.

Andiamo Pizzeria in Scottsdale landed an 8.2

In a video posted on TikTok and Instagram on Thursday, April 11, Portnoy was filmed visiting Andiamo Pizzeria located on 7132 E. Becker Lane in Scottsdale.

According to their website, Andiamo started when two traveling pizza aficionados met in Phoenix.

“Fueled by a passion for pie that spans New York’s bustling streets, California’s laid-back pizza joints, the soulful authenticity of Italy, and beyond, we’ve crafted a menu that’s a journey in every bite,” the website states.

Portnoy was with his dog Miss Peaches when he was reviewing the joint.

“That looks like good, East Coast big pizza, look how thin that is,” he said. “Peaches, we’re about to change Andiamo’s lives here”

He compared the pizza to a “thin, perfect, Joe’s from New York.”

He gave the spot an 8.2 rating and claimed it was “the best in AZ” in his caption of the video. Portnoy even gave his dog a bite to try.

Trevor’s Liquor got an 8.3

Posted on TikTok and Instagram on Saturday, April 13, Portnoy was shown visiting Trevor’s Liquor at 3601 E. Indian School Road in Phoenix.

He was doing a High Noon meet-and-greet at the location when he was told to try one of their pizzas.

“This thing’s light so I think it’s going to be good … it looks good, really good undercarriage,” Portnoy said.

He said he was stunned by the pizza and didn’t realize the liquor store also had a pizza shop next door with a small menu of salads and sandwiches as well.

Trevor's Liquor has three metro Phoenix location. The one at 7000 E. Mayo Boulevard in Phoenix also sells pizza, but the store at 7340 E. McDowell Road in Scottsdale does not.

“Well now I’m f-----," Portnoy said. “Because we gave an 8.2 to Andiamo this morning and I said it’s the best pizza in Phoenix. This is the best pizza in Scottsdale.”

He gave Trevor’s an 8.3, “closer to an 8.4, than an 8.3,” he said.

Portnoy asked if this is how the pizza comes out all of the time. To which one of the employees responded 90% of the time, every time.

“Are you guys packed for pizza?” he asked. “You’re going to be busy like you haven’t seen before."

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Internet-famous Dave Portnoy ranked 5 metro Phoenix pizzerias 'forgettable' to 'perfect' (2024)
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