Messi alone with Infobae: the emotional memory of his grandmother, his connection with Argentina and why he did not see the world final again (2024)

Relaxed, focused on the Copa América and enjoying his life in south Florida, Lionel Messi received Infobae at the Le Méridien Hotel - in Dania Beach, just 15 minutes from the Inter Miami training camp - where the Argentine National Team is concentrated. thinking about reaching the two-time South American championship organized by Conmebol that will be held between June 20 and July 15 in the United States.

During a deep 50-minute talk, Messi was transparent: he got emotional when he remembered his grandmother Celia Oliveira Cuccittini, he had fun when he mentioned the WhatsApp groups in which he participates despite not remembering their names, and he talked about the main football challenge that lies ahead with the national team led by Lionel Scaloni: “Argentina is always a favorite.”

Aware that once he won the first of the continental competitions at the national team level and that he achieved his greatest dreams with the World Cup in Qatar, Messi remembered with a bittersweet taste the lost finals that led to overwhelming criticism of his teammates despite having been left behind. edge of full glory: “A thing that only happens in Argentina.”

“The truth is that I was always indifferent to all that. Although I had a bad time because of many things that have been said... especially extra football when many things or most, if not all, were lies, invented... and that were intended to cause harm," she reflected.

He had time for infidelities and said that Antonela, his wife, helps him with the renewed look he wears in Miami. “The good thing is that no one looks at you here, everyone is on their own. No problem".

He also told what he feels when he watches his children play soccer: “It's spectacular. We spend a lot of time at the club, they train three or four times a week. We share as a family,” she stressed. And he also confided in how Thiago and Mateo take his instructions or suggestions regarding the game: “They are very different. I can't talk to Thiago, I can't say anything because he reacts in one way and to Mateo the opposite because he is looking for and looking for the acceptance of the stands. But I'm not one to talk to them or anything.”

The most emotional moment, perhaps, was when he had to talk about his maternal grandmother. “We had something special, because we lived practically all day together. And she died when I was 11 years old. I was very young and I suffered a lot because we were very close. It was a very great love for me,” she was moved.

His life, on the limit of exposure and full of pressures, would not be easy for anyone. Did you go to the psychologist? “I went at one time, when I was in Barcelona, ​​a long time ago. He was very reluctant to all that. I am a person who keeps everything inside. But the truth is that when I went it was very good for me, I liked it a lot and it helped me a lot.” Who do you tell your quilombos to? “Antonella, friends, family.”

Regarding football news, he surprised with a definition, but he did not forget one of his football mentors, Pep Guardiola. What is the best team in the world? “The best team is Real Madrid. He is the last Champions League champion. If it is for results, it is Madrid. If it is by game it is (Pep) Guardiola's Manchester City.”

Strikingly, he also revealed that he has not yet seen the Qatar final that definitively catapulted him into the eternity of football: “My memories are all here. I remember what I remember. There are many things that perhaps I am missing. But hey, for now I'll stick with what I have without reviewing,” and he confided: “I didn't see the last play of the Draw like most others. "I didn't suffer it like everyone else."

To close, Messi agreed to undergo two games: How much does Messi know about Messi? And a ping pong about the National Team.

The complete interview with Lionel Messi

Chicken: —How are you?

Messi: — Good. Now calm, enjoying, happy.

Pollo: — The National Team is coming, which is like... I believe that the National Team is your place in the world. A lot of clubs have passed, but it feels like you put on the National Team shirt, your training clothes, and you look happy, but this is also the door to your house, because now you are living here. Is it a bit like that?

Messi: — Yes, a strange situation because, well, we have this week that is a bit atypical too, where we train and we can go out and be with the family that some brought, friends or whatever they have. And well, I'm at home, so I'm going to eat with my children, my wife, I'm there and I'll be back in the morning, so that's fine.

Chicken: — Oh, can you put that in? For example, they train, you go home, you come back, except when the friendlies arrive and then the cup, but you can come and go.

Messi: — It's only until Friday. Now on Friday we start and we can't go out anymore. We already traveled to Chicago, we played the friendlies, we came back and we were already inside.

Pollo: — And are you already crazy about Miami things? For example, some of the kids ask you where to go, do you already more or less know, do you know, or are you still acclimatizing?

Messi: — No, the truth is that we don't go out much either. We live in the area where the club is located and we have a short drive to Miami. We go out, we've gone out a couple of times, but well, I still don't know each other well, well.

Chicken: — You know that I have been practicing the name of the place for seven days, it is impossible. It's Fort Lauderdale.

Messi: — The last one kills you, right?

Chicken: — Sure, because there we have to pause. If you say it straight, “Fort Lauderdale,” it doesn't come out. It's hard. Listen to me, the Copa América is coming. Argentina, champion of the Copa América, won the Finalissima, I have to mention it and world champion. Is it a favorite or, as always, when the Copa América begins, do they end up being several favorites?

Messi: — I think that Argentina is always the favorite, beyond the fact that we have won all that, previously, when it was not possible that we could achieve the objectives, Argentina was also always the favorite. When a championship starts, be it a world championship, Copa América or whatever, Argentina is a candidate just like Brazil and more so in this Copa América. But I think that today the South American teams are very strong. Uruguay is very good, Colombia, Ecuador. Afterwards it becomes very difficult to play all the games, but I think it will be a very close Copa América.

Chicken: —And the weather? Addition or not, subtraction? Because it's very hot, it's really very hot. You are adapting because you play in the MLS, but is the weather going to play an important role in the Cup?

Messi: — And the games played here in Miami are going to be different because the climate changes a lot, a lot of heat, a lot of humidity. But well, we in the group have only one in Miami, which is the third, and then if we continue passing and God willing we reach the final, you won't come back until the final. Then, somewhere else, I don't think it's as hot as it is here in Miami. In 2016 we played the Copa América here in the United States and the truth is that it was spectacular. We had a good time, we had a great Copa América, beyond having lost the final of that time, but it was very nice.

Pollo: — You always expressed that the National Team is your best place or that you are happy in the National Team, that you are fine. But seeing everything that has happened, all the difficult moments, which maybe not so difficult, because reaching the finals is a lot, I say, but they have not been won. Do you enjoy yourself a little more today? Now that you come here, that you arrive, that you are... do you enjoy it a little more or is it the same?

Messi: — Obviously having won and having achieved the entire objective at the National Team level, it is experienced differently, with another tranquility. Everything around is also experienced in a different way. Although I have had very good times with the National Team, because I have had processes since 2014, including the World Cup, where we had a spectacular group and we also had a good time. 2015 and 2006 in the Copa América as well. And something happens that only happens in Argentina. It is a group beaten for not having won championships and criticized for having reached the finals but not having been champions, I think it was something great to have played in the World Cup final, Copa América final twice in a row and for not having won the treatment that that one had. generation, right? But beyond that we had a spectacular group, in which we had a good time, but the fact of having won, obviously, as I said before, gives you a plus.

Chicken: — I ask you this because I hate them. I don't want to tell you, I hate them. I'm going to tell you. You already know more or less who I like, that I am a “messista”. I hate them. The question is, is there forgiveness for those who killed you or for those who killed the group? I'm saying, I'm not talking about a criticism or Argentina. Those who killed, those who without fear and without justification. Is there forgiveness?

Messi: — The truth is that I was always indifferent to all that. Although I have had a bad time and I have suffered from many things that have been said, especially extra football, in which in many things or most, if not all, were lies, invented and that were intended to cause harm... I was trying not to give him the ball. I believe that those who suffer the most are the family, those who are close to you, who watch and consume everything and are angry, helpless, wanting to react, to say something. But well, I also think that it was a time in the National Team that sold all of that a lot. Criticizing, killing. It seemed like they wanted the National Team to do poorly so they could have a little more rating or become a little better known. I believe that today the time is different and the journalism towards the National Team has also changed a lot. Before I started winning I had changed and when you win, obviously much more.

Chicken: — Stop, aren't you hooked but it does happen to you, I don't want names, but, if you see a pancake yes, but there is someone who is saying something that... “Messi I don't know what”?

Messi: — You laugh, obviously, you see, but what are you going to do? But there are a lot.

Chicken: — I know who they are.

Messi: — I also know who they are.

Chicken: — I stay calm, because you don't know what gets to you and what doesn't.

Messi: — We consume everything. We in my family have consumed everything from Argentine television all our lives, entertainment, sports, news. We live with Argentine television and we are aware of everything and we consume everything. We find out everything that happens in Argentina and we even have both Antonela and I, relatives living in Argentina.

Pollo: — Inside the field I saw texts of I don't know, Suárez, “don't mess with Leo when he's angry.” On the court, when you warm up, sometimes you see the game and say “uh, he didn't like something.” I'm talking about football, do you play better? Because sometimes it happens, it gives me the feeling of seeing from the outside... one comes, bites you and are you going to deal with it differently or not? Or is it a feeling of mine?

Messi: — There are moments when you obviously get hot and react in the way you can. There are moments that you don't control. The heart rate is so high. We all want to win and we try to do our best for that, reacting as best you can. But being hotter or less hot has no influence on the game. I think it doesn't change what I do. But hey, I always say that everything that happens on the field stays there. Anything can happen, bitching at you, fighting with you, it has to stop there and end and it can happen.

Chicken: — But sometimes it happens to you, right? I tell you what time it is, if the first half you go quickly to the locker room, you didn't like something. Maybe, I don't know, a free kick. It can be that? The first half ends, it's like that, it ends, if you go calmly, if you walk calmly, everything is fine. If you go half fast, you don't like something... maybe it was you, some extra hitch, one less.

Messi: — Obviously, it's always me first, but I don't know. I don't really realize it, but it could be. Sometimes, many times to try to save time to treat me or have a little more time if something hurts or I have some discomfort. More than coming out hot in gaining time to massage myself.

"I can't talk to Thiago, I can't say anything, because he reacts in one way and Mateo the opposite. He is continually looking and seeking acceptance from the stands to see what he is doing," the Ten's statement about his children

Pollo: — When you play for Inter Miami, the MLS, there is a box that is God's box. There they all are. There's your family, but you always fall for Will Smith, Bad Bunny. But there are people who may be very rude, but not all of us know who they are. Do they let you know who is coming? You greeted Will Smith, you greeted… well, come on, the owner of the circus. Do you know everyone who is going? Because maybe you'll be like... there's Bizarrap often.

Messi: — No, many times I don't know who, but I know that every game someone is coming, that someone passes. And well, most of those who passed by I realized and knew, but no, they didn't anticipate anything.

Pollo: — Because there are some who are, DJ I don't know, he has 40 followers, but not all of us know him.

Messi: — Someone has happened to me, maybe. But well, it also happens to me that you are very there, that's why the result is not what you want or it is not being the game you want and you don't give much effort either. You're thinking about what's happening and you can't stop and say hello at that moment. But hey, with Bizarrap for example there is already a relationship, I've already seen it 500 times. Then it's something else.

Pollo: — There is something that is very enjoyable in Argentina, which is seeing yourself happy off the field. I don't know, the other day we saw you at the Bresh, María Becerra was singing... manito, Anto, you put him in and you put him in a little bit. It's good.

Messi: — Yes, the truth is we had a couple of those outings.

Pollo: — What are you doing with Suárez and Sofía? With Luis?

Messi: — Yes, Jordi is also there with his wife, Busi, and the truth is that we are a good band. My sister is there too. I have a friend here too who is with his family. The truth is that we have a large and good group, when we can we take advantage and go out to eat or the times we went to Bresh. We try to do it from time to time.

Pollo: — Hey, but listen to me and then when you see the video the other day, because I'm telling you, the video is this: María Becerra, the last one. And be careful, you're back there as if embarrassed, but at the same time you're enjoying it, because you're having fun. What happens to you when you see it?

Messi: — Nothing, what happened, happened. We were among family, friends, enjoying ourselves.

Chicken: — Hey, what about the look? Are you cool with it? Because it's happening with the looks. I tell you one thing, don't take this the wrong way... no, this pause is terrible. You are beautiful. I don't want to bother you, but it's all... sunny. The clothes, you put them in or Anto tells you “no my love.” Because many of us get screwed.

Messi: — It helps me.

Chicken: —Does this say yes, this no?

Messi: — Well, I also ask a lot about an election. It helps me a lot. We try to adapt to the city as well, it is an atypical, different city, and well, to the moments too.

Chicken: — It's one more point here. A high jean is possible here.

Messi: — The good thing is that that's it, that nobody looks at you here, nobody looks at you...

Chicken: —How is no one going to look at you? You think they don't look at you.

Messi: — No good, everyone is in their own way. You can wear anything, nothing happens here and it is a city where you can find everything. And well, we take advantage too.

Pollo: — But to know where we were standing, if they leave the house, the final look also has to be approved by Anto.

Messi: — If we go out, if we go to eat or in the Bresh, in these cases, generally yes.

Pollo: — Hey, what's wrong with you coming to see your children play soccer? Which is something that one imagines that Messi could never do because he can't be in all the clubs he had. But what happens to you with that situation that is beautiful and the most beautiful thing about a father, a mother, going to see Thiago, going to see the kids? What's up with that?

Messi: — It's spectacular. Although in Barcelona they were little and we went to watch training sessions, we started to see some games that had just started to be played. Here I am living it much more. They play all week. I am lucky that all the games are being played here at the club where I am, where we are. So for me it's much easier too and we spend a lot of time at the club, because they train three or four times a week, they have matches. Luis's children are also there and they are the same age as mine, including the baby, who is older. The others are the same age, more or less similar, and they play together. So we share with them, we share as a family and we share being able to see the kids training, playing and it is spectacular.

Pollo: — Are you a relaxed dad or if you have to tell him something...? Because it is not easy for Thiago to be “Thiago Messi”, naturally. Because he scores a goal and we put it on a loop, he is on television for three days. Are you relaxed or do you dare to give advice?

Messi: — When he is playing it depends. They are very different too. I can't talk to Thiago, I can't say anything, because he reacts in one way and to Mateo the opposite. He is continually watching and seeking acceptance from the stands to see what he is doing. But I'm not one to talk to him about anything. Afterwards we did talk. Thiago is older, he understands much more about the game, the movements, what he does with the ball, without the ball and we always comment. For Mateo, yes, I screw him more because he assimilates it in a different way.

Pollo: — Listen, you know that in parts I think I'm a bit part of the family. But calm down. No, no, don't worry, I talk a lot with your old lady, with Celia. But I believe myself sometimes. If they ask me, if I can lie, I say “and yes, I am part of it.” Then I see how I carry it. Are your old lady's milanesas, Celia's, still the best or is this left over from before?

Messi: — Yes, yes. The truth is that he hasn't eaten in a long time, but in fact Thiago, Mateo, when we are in Argentina they ask him to make them milanesas too. I don't know if it's a question because they listened to me or because they seriously like it. But they are still good.

Pollo: — But for example, your old lady comes here to Miami and you tell her “hey, ma,” and she messes up?

Messi: — No. In Barcelona also when I went, which was more established, it had its house. It was something else there too. There, there too. But no, not here anymore.

Pollo: — Your birthday is coming up, the 24th, are you going to spend it at the Copa América? Another one…

Messi: — The other day I was talking to Diego, our cook, whose birthday is the same day as me and Román, who always spent our birthdays together. Now two years ago I think he was the last one we shared together in the Copa América. 2021 was, I think, the last, the last birthday, I think. And well, now we are back to celebrating with focus and I think one day before the second game.

Chicken: —And is it difficult to give something to you? Because you saw... I brought something and people tell you “what the hell this gift you are giving me.”

Messi: — Well, I think I once said it, it happens to me with my family too. With the fact that “I don't know what to give you. You are difficult to give away.” Many times it passes by.

Chicken: — Go from “I don't know what to give you” to “there is nothing.”

Messi: — Besides, it also happens to me that I don't like being given gifts and I'm not very demonstrative when it comes to gifts. When they give me something and I don't say anything, it's like I didn't like it, but that's not it, it's just that I'm not very demonstrative. So there my old lady: “why am I going to give you a gift if you don't like what I give you later?” And that's where it happens. But no, there is always some detail.

Chicken: — You're not so demonstrative, you're calmer, maybe you enjoy it more on the inside.

Messi: — Yes... it costs me... everything, everything always, everything inside.

Chicken: — Che and it's also coming... this whole June is crazy. The Copa América and the wedding anniversary are now.

Messi: — First of July.

Chicken: — And are you also a gift there or not? Isn't it given away? Then comes a time when married people no longer give each other gifts.

Messi: — The truth is that the year we are married always also keeps us separated or we are in a competition or something. Not on that one, but on specific dates yes, I am always... I have a detail.

Pollo: — Leo, I don't think you ever talked about your grandmother. You dedicate all the goals to your grandmother. What does your grandmother mean to your life? We all know that you celebrated her, that she trusted you a lot, but who was she for you, for your career? I ask you because there are also many kids who want to be something in life and have a reference, someone who helps them.

Messi: — Well, my grandmother's story, actually... my grandmother took me to play, but like me, my brothers, my cousins. We were a family that always went to play at the neighborhood club and she loved being at the club, so I have an older brother, an older cousin, a younger one, so more or less we all went at the same time because one of us trained. , another, another at regular times, so she liked to take us all. But apart from that, I repeat, my brothers, my cousins ​​and I had something special with her, because we lived with her practically all day. And well, she died when I was 11 or 12 years old. I was a boy, but I suffered a lot because I was very close to her, we spent many hours together and well, like many of the grandmothers of anyone who experiences that. That she spends a lot of time with her grandparents and that's a bit of the story. Nothing strange, just that I lived with her a lot, beyond how small she was from her.

Pollo: — But there is something nice, you already have a lot of goals and now that you came to Miami, but what do you do and the little hands... the greeting always ends up being for her, even if you change it or modify it for something, all your goals you dedicate to your grandmother.

Messi: — Yes, I told you, it was a very great love for me. To this day it is difficult for me to talk about her because I remember her. So she is very special.

The captain of the Argentine National Team beat the preview of the Copa América: "I think it will be very close"

Chicken: —How cute. Listen, I'm changing the subject, you're not going to break now. There are many Argentinians who go to Uruguay and come back saying “Arriba vo”, we go to Spain and “Wow, man”, a week later, really, we come here and speak in neutral. Didn't the Rosario, the Argentine, ever leave you? Have you never, ever sinned from “the disco”? Because this is incredible.

Messi: — Well, yes, the truth is, there was a time when I was 15... 14, 15 years old and I didn't speak like that, but I did use many other different words, because otherwise I had to repeat myself all the time. . I didn't understand, I didn't understand. So there I did change the words a little, the way of speaking. I even think there is a...

Chicken: — I didn't see anything. There is no.

Messi: — I think so, there is a note I made with the club's channel a long time ago.

Pollo: —And what were you doing, did you speak in Catalan?

Messi: — No, I didn't speak, but well, instead of the “vos” the “you” and all those things that I changed so as not to repeat myself, until I got to the First Division locker room, in the First Division locker room there were Brazilians, Dutch. And I said “that's it, here…”.

Chicken: — “What are you doing dad?”

Messi: — “Here I am going to speak normally. If everyone already has their own language, speaks the way they can, why am I going to force myself, if it's all the same? So there I started normal again, “normal”.

Pollo: — It's strange post, anyone who goes... now I'm going to come back speaking neutral. Then she leaves me. But I come back a little as a neutral “It's OK”, nonsense and that's how it is.

Messi: — Well, there you are already changing the language, there they don't understand you at all.

Pollo: — Listen, does your social media algorithm give you Messi? I have my phone, TikTok, and it gives me your goals. Goal to Mexico. With various music, WOS... the world appears to me to Messi, does Messi give you Messi? Does he score your goals, for example?

Messi: — And it depends, that's going to happen to you depending on what you're looking for, too.

Pollo: — Well, but you're Messi, things about Messi have to appear to you.

Messi: — Yes, well, after some training, some match, when we are with the National Team, we look at each other a lot too, what one goes up, what the other goes up. There, yes, it appears a lot there. Later on TikTok, too, old goals. I also remember that Thiago or Mateo look at me, that they look for me much more, and they watch videos and so on if it appears to me.

Chicken: — But there are some that are very good. Yes, it's very good, you get hooked on it... let's see if there are a lot of accounts dedicated to you. If in music... do you see it in its entirety or do you already say “uh, it's me at my job” half-heartedly? Or do you overdo it?

Messi: — There are things that are good, but when they are goals and plays, that is no longer the case. The truth is that I never liked seeing myself either, neither playing nor interviewing. How it bothers me, I'm ashamed, I don't know and I've never seen myself. But there are things, when they are put together, like this, of this type, with music or have some special meaning, it is good.

Pollo: — So, you didn't see the final again?

Messi: — No.

Chicken: — Aren't you going to see her?

Messi: — Not for now. Maybe later, at some point.

Chicken: — 12/18, great celebration, right? Aren't you intrigued?

Messi: — Not really, my memories are all here and I live it the way I have it here and I remember what I remember. There are many things that escape me, but hey, for now I'll stick with what I have without reviewing it.

Pollo: — You know that when you see it again you won't be able to believe the things that happened in that final, right? Because a lot of things happened.

Messi: — Well, I often said that the last play of Draw, for example, I did not experience it the way that most people experienced it, because it was such a fast play. I'm far away from there and I can't see it well and at the same time the counter comes out as the ball falls to me and we end up with Lautaro's header. So I didn't suffer it the way everyone else suffered it. Yes, obviously I saw it repeated a thousand times later, because I didn't see the games, but I saw repeated plays. What I was telling you, that they are appearing to you and more after... the days of having been champions, much more. I watched replays of a lot of plays, but not the game, the 90 minutes, overtime, penalties and all that.

Chicken: — That's it, world champion! But are you aware? Yeah.

Messi: — And now yes. The truth is, yes, but it's like everything changed, but at the same time nothing changed.

Chicken: — Why?

Messi: — And because yes, we achieved the goal and obviously what we wanted most, me, my family and everyone. But then life goes on. I had to continue in Paris, I had to live here and continue trying to achieve things, win. Now we have another challenge with the National Team, to be able to try to win a Copa América. But at the same time, being world champion... or for me, it felt like feeling fulfilled, I achieved everything, I was able to achieve the goals and dreams I had and being able to say that is very difficult.

Chicken: — It's the famous “that's it.”

Messi: — I think that was the right definition and what I felt at that moment, because it was what was missing... “that's it.”

Pollo: — A while ago I was talking to you about the algorithm, there is a person, it is Neymar, who I believe no longer speaks about him, he always speaks well of you. Have you seen that you ask him anything, “Do you have time?” And he tells you “Messi is the best in the world”, that is very Neymar. I don't know if you get any statements, but center, they are friends. Comes back? Can the offensive trident come here to Inter Miami: Messi, Suárez, Neymar? Because now I don't know how many years have passed since the last Champions League they won together.

Messi: — No, I don't know. The truth is that it is difficult now, he is in Arabia, he has one year left on his contract, it seems to me. He went through a difficult year now, where he was injured for a long time, which leaves him out of the Copa América as well, where he could not play most of the games in Arabia. And well, now it's difficult. Afterwards, I don't know, the truth is that life takes so many turns that anything can happen, but I don't think that today, no.

Chicken: — But there is no message “come, pa.”

Messi: — No, we talk often.

Chicken: — In Portuguese?

Messi: — No, he speaks perfect Spanish. We talk often, we even have a group, the three of us, with Luis too.

Chicken: —What's his name?

Messi: — I don't remember what his name is.

Chicken: —How can you not remember? Is that you three?

Messi: — I think he put “sudaca” or something like that, because it was put together... from Barcelona and when we played together and it stayed and I think at one point he put it together, he put “sudaca” and it stayed.

Chicken: —And what's his name from the National Team? This one from now.

Messi: — I don't remember.

Pollo: — Ah, you have no idea about WhatsApp groups. Alright. But it must be kind of funny too.

Messi: — No, I don't know... ah, I can look it up.

Pollo: —Who manages that group?

Messi: — No idea, Paredes, I think.

Chicken: — Walls?

Messi: — I think Paredes.

Chicken: — Let's see, look. He doesn't know what the National Team's group is called, but now he will know.

Messi: — And why do I have to look for it, if I don't know what its name is.

Pollo: — No, it's fine, but in the last one they spoke recently, surely, if they are here.

Messi: — “World Champions”!

Chicken: — World champions? Please find out who manages it, if possible. Ah, there happens to be more than one.

Messi: — They're going to kill me later! Dresses? It's Leo.

Pollo: — Leo Paredes manages everything.

Messi: — They are going to kill me.

Chicken: — Why?

Messi: — And because I'm counting...

Chicken: — But they already told. Someone told about the group, but that they have also eliminated one, they have done things.

Messi: — Ah, yes, it's true.

Chicken: — Forget it, nothing happens... and if not, dirty me. Throw me the ball. Do you talk to Guardiola? Because he is another one who also says “Messi... number 2, number 1, number 3...”. There is a very good video of that.

Messi: — I haven't spoken to Pep in a long time, but I have spoken on several occasions, we have crossed paths, we played Paris Vs. City recently. But no, it's been quite a while now.

Pollo: — Have you ever gone to therapy or do you go to a psychologist? Because they are moments of great pressure and what you experienced throughout your career and what you are experiencing.

Messi: — And at one time, the truth is that when I was in Barcelona a long time ago. I went, I had never tried it, I was very reluctant to all that. I did not like it. I am a person who keeps everything inside and I eat both the good and the bad. The truth is that when I went it was very good for me, I liked it a lot, it has helped me a lot. But then I stopped and I didn't... I didn't go anymore. But the time I went a long time ago, I liked it, it did me good, it helped me. But I didn't go anymore.

Pollo: — You have a... I imagine your family, but do you have a person that you tell about your quilombo? I tell someone who is a person you trust to be... you say “hey, I have a problem.” Do you have that person?

Messi: — Yes, yes, I have... I have several, I have friends, I have family, Antonela. Yes, I think that when I grew up I also changed a lot of that. The psychologist also helped me and I began to share everything that was happening to me much more and I also began to open up much more with my people.

Chicken: — Yoga, pilates? Did you ever get in?

Messi: — No.

Chicken: — They say it does good.

Messi: — I never tried it.

Chicken: — What are you doing in the gym to take care of yourself?

Messi: — Not strength, but a lot of prevention, a lot of strength work, work on the hamstrings, quadriceps, a little on top, but more than anything being able to prevent.

Leo Messi's revelation about the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup: "I didn't experience the last play of the Draw the way most people experienced it"

Pollo: — I know you don't have an answer, but the World Cup... first comes the Copa América, right? But the World Cup, does it depend on which Messi plays in the World Cup? Because we Argentines are anxious, we want you to play in the Cup, we want you to play in the World Cup. What does it depend on specifically? Do you have an answer for that?

Messi: — Yes, yes I said it. It depends on how I feel, how I am physically and being realistic with myself. And knowing if I am up to the task of being able to compete and help the teammates next to me. Know how I am physically. There is still a lot left to... in quotes “there is a lot and a little left”, because it goes by quickly, but there is some time left and I don't know how I will be at that moment. Age is also a reality that is there, although it is a number, the games that I am going to play are not the same as the ones I played when I was in Europe in competition, which were every three days, or in the Champions League or in the League. where he was, both in France and Spain. But it depends on how I feel and what I feel when I'm next to my teammates and see if I'm still up to par or not.

Pollo: — The one we're missing is El Fideo. Fideo closed the door. A great value is lost, he said, “that's it, I'm leaving. Up here".

Messi: — More for us who are left.

Chicken: — The litter remained... it's strange that they say “old,” because they're not 40, but the “old” litter remained that is falling off.

Messi: — Yes, just yesterday or the day before yesterday we were talking about it, that it's Ota, Fide and I, and well... we're just going to be two now.

Chicken: — The kids are daring, they eat you, they come faster and faster.

Messi: — Yes, but it's good that they are like that, that there is that connection. If today we are, although there are only three of us, I think the replacement process is good, although the process has already been done in this National Team, but many more young people are coming, who are also coming strong, and I hope it will also be that way . Their integration is confident and loose enough to be able to adapt to the National Team as quickly as possible. And I think that when you are well and feel happy, you perform differently as well.

Pollo: — What is the best team in the world for you today? There is one?

Messi: — And the best team, if we have to say, is Madrid, because they are the last Champions League champion, in recent years they have come... in the last one I think City won, but the previous one was them too. If you speak by results, it is Madrid, if you speak by game, I personally like Guardiola's City and I think that any team where Guardiola is will be special because of the way he is, the way he trains and the way he works. he makes his teams play. At the level of play for me, City is the best, as a result, Madrid.

Pollo: — Leo, you know that they love you a lot in Argentina, right? I know you know we love you, but does it reach you? You know that in Argentina it is like MESSI, it is something more than football, did you know that?

Messi: — Yes, yes. Well, as I told you at the beginning, we are not in Argentina, but we know everything and we consume everything that happens in Argentina. And with the issue of the people, although after everything that happened it was much more, it was my entire career, the same when I was in Barcelona, ​​in the National Team, in Paris, the affection that I always had from the people of Argentina, more Beyond the difficult moments that I had to go through in the National Team as well, I always felt it, I always appreciated it. Obviously after everything that happened, even more so. But I know it and the truth is that it makes me very happy indeed. Because before it happened to me that I was in Barcelona, ​​that I won everything, that people loved me, I went to the National Team and it was like I was missing something and being able to have achieved everything, for me it was the best.

The video of Lionel Messi's complete interview with Infobae

Messi alone with Infobae: the emotional memory of his grandmother, his connection with Argentina and why he did not see the world final again. In a pleasant and relaxed conversation, the Inter player and world champion talked about everything: his relationship with his children, the outings with Antonella and the great challenge ahead with the Copa América

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Messi alone with Infobae: the emotional memory of his grandmother, his connection with Argentina and why he did not see the world final again (2024)
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