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4 Billion: How TuneCore Artists Make Money on Spotify, YouTube, and MoreTuneCore artists have earned 4 Billion dollars in total revenue. Want to know how they did it? Here are six artists offering actionable ways to get the mindset, drive, and music to earn more money.How to Boost Your Career with Sync Placement/LicensingLearn all you need to know about Music Licensing/Placement and how it can help you grow your career — What it is, how it works, and how to make money with it!5 Simple Steps to Transfer Your Music or Catalog From Other Distributors to TuneCoreThe Six Exclusive Copyrights That Drive The Entire Music BusinessA six point copyright guide that enables you to make informed decisions, control your rights, make money and pursue your passions on your own terms.Claim your YouTube Official Artist Channel Today!How To Book A Gig Yourself…and Be Invited BackFirst Time Releasing Music? (How To) Make Sure You Do It RightUnlimited Guides: Release Planning 101It’s Not Me, It’s You: How To Transfer Your Releases to TuneCore Mechanical Licensing 101TuneCore Offers Instant Access to Spotify for ArtistsHow to Get Into the Music IndustryDo you feel like an outsider looking in on the music industry? We’ve got your back. This guide to the modern music business covers the professions that make it up, how to get a foothold in it, and steps you can take to be and feel like an industry insider.Best Music Marketing StrategiesHow to Get a Job in the Music IndustryWe demystify breaking into the Music Industry with real tips from industry professionals.How To Make Money with Music as Your Primary Income SourceLearn how to make money with music, and sustain a thriving career as a musician. Explore music monetization online strategies, and maximize your earnings.Unlocking Opportunities: How to Get Booked for Music Shows and Festivals, Featuring SXSW InsightsDo you want to play SXSW someday? Let us show you how to begin taking actionable steps towards music festival booking, from polished EPKs to local networking.How to Grow on TikTok as a Music ArtistLearn how to grow on TikTok and blow up as a Music Artist. Explore strategies, optimize your profile, and master monetization with this comprehensive guide.Beat Licensing 101Everything you need to know as a Producer or an MC when it comes to licensing. The Basics of VinylVinyl isn't going anywhere - is it the right fit for your music?How To Get Your Audio Files Ready For DistributionMake sure the files you're sending to Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer don't get rejected!7 Facts About Pre-OrdersHow to set up and use pre-orders to build excitement around your next release.What’s the Deal with Streaming Fraud? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.Music Sampling and Beat Licensing 101Navigate the tricky world of sampling and beat licensing without risk of legal threats.3 Things You Should Know About Cover ArtEverything you need to know about formatting your cover art for Spotify, iTunes and more.Streaming Fraud on Spotify and Other Platforms, Plus How to Prevent ItStreaming fraud on Spotify and other platforms is changing the music industry. Here are actionable ways for you to identify and prevent it to advance your career with transparency and integrity intact.+20 Essential Music Publishing Terms Musicians Must KnowTo walk the walk of music publishing, you have to talk the talk – we can help with that. Presenting the basic music publishing terms that everyone needs to know, from “administrator” to “work for hire contracts.”Music Publishing 101Ever wondered how music publishing works? Wonder no more. Learn about royalty types, publishing administration, and ensure you collect the royalties your music is already generating.How To Write a SongSongwriting is an art– and it's personal to who you are as an artist. Find your perfect structure, learn how to uncover honest lyrics, and start building melodies that transcend. Sync Licensing 101Get to know the process of landing music in TV, film, ads and video games.Copyrights 101Get a better understanding for copyrights and what they mean for your music.Spotify Playlists 101Getting your music on a prominent Spotify playlist can put you on the map for new fans across the globe. Here's the rundown on mastering the playlist pitching process.How to Promote Your Music on Social PlatformsTikTok revolutionized how fans connect with their favorite artists. Here’s how you can promote & maximize every new release across all Social Platforms.How to Upload Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio to Apple MusicMake sure your audio files are correct so you can upload Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio to Apple Music and create an immersive listening experience for your fans.Making SoundCloud and Digital Distribution Work TogetherThere's no need to choose between Soundcloud and wider digital distribution!Pitching Your Music 101Whether it's a music blog or a playlist - master your pitch!Digital Marketing for Musicians 101Social media, email lists, EPKs, websites - how are you getting the word out about your music?YouTube for Musicians 4 Fundamentals of YouTube MusicLearn how to master YouTube Music with art tracks, your own official artist channel, YouTube Shorts, and more. How to Get Verified on TikTokThere is no direct portal to apply for artist verification on TikTok. it's up to the TikTok and TuneCore teams to help you get verified. Here’s how to maximize your chances of getting verified on TikTok. 6 Ways to Increase Your Streams After the First WeekMake sure your music continues to perform well long after your release date- online and IRL.5 Reasons Why You Should be Releasing New Music Every WeekYour fans are on social media finding new music every day. Here's how to keep fans engaged & new listeners wanting more.4 Ways to Master the TikTok Algorithm as a MusicianUncover the mechanics behind TikTok’s content selection process and get your music trending on TikTok.
TuneCore | Guides & Artist Advice from industry experts! (2024)
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