2024 WWE Hall of Fame: Thunderbolt Patterson, Lonnie Ali get their due (2024)

PHILADELPHIA — Paul Heyman. Bull Nakano. Thunderbolt Patterson. The U.S. Express. Lia Maivia. Muhammad Ali.

All were immortalized into wrestling history as they were inducted into the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame class on Friday, one of the most honorable achievements in the business. It's already been an emotional night filled with laughs, tears and quite the amount of expletives. But there's still several stars set to take their place among the greats of wrestling. The Hall of Fame ceremony is the perfect way to get WrestleMania weekend going.

Here are the highlights from the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony:

2024 WWE Hall of Fame: Thunderbolt Patterson, Lonnie Ali get their due (1)

Paul Heyman gets emotional, drops an F-bomb

It's rare to see the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns show his softer side, but the "Tribal Chief" opened up about his perspective on Paul Heyman. Reigns shared a story of when Heyman told him that he didn't need him to succeed, he just needed to believe he could do it. Still, Reigns had to acknowledge what he did for his rise to the top.

"The Tribal Chief doesn't happen if I'm not with The Wiseman," Reigns said.

Heyman came out to his old-school ECW theme and the crowd erupted in an ECW chant, while he hugged some of the former ECW stars who helped him make the promotion a success decades ago. Heyman soaked it all in, getting teary eyed before he even said a word. The crowd chanted "you deserve it," then he dropped one of the best F-bombs in WWE history.

"You're damn right I (expletive) deserve it," he said.

Heyman gave credit to WWE chief content officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque for leading the company, but also took a dig at him by telling his wife, Stephanie McMahon, she "married the wrong Paul."

Even though Heyman is in the middle of a feud with Cody Rhodes, as he thought about the people that he wished to be here, he turned to Rhodes and said, "I so wish your father was here tonight." Both had tears in their eyes.

Paul Heyman rocks old ECW gear

After getting through the "mushy" stuff, Heyman then said it was time to acknowledge ECW, and it was then when he whipped out his coat, headset and hat that was his signature look when he ran the promotion.

Heyman then went on a profanity-filled promo that was filled with giving himself his flowers, and he finished by saying he will continue to disrupt the industry and he's not going anywhere.

Bull Nakano rocks signature face paint

The polarizing Japanese star Bull Nakano came out to receive her honor in her signature blue face paint, and said it was a moment that she had hoped would happen one day.

“I have waited a long time," she said.

The Undertaker inducts Muhammad Ali; wife Lonnie Ali gifts The Rock a title

Only one of the greatest in wrestling could induct one of the greatest in boxing.

The Undertaker made his electric entrance to induct Muhammad Ali and welcome Ali's wife, Lonnie, to accept the award.

Ali told the story of how The Rock had asked her husband if he could use "The People's Champ" nickname. She said the great boxer was thrilled and wanted him to use it. To pay it back, Ali presented The Rock with an actual championship belt.

Rotunda family honors late brother Bray Wyatt

With Mike RotundaandBarry Windham inducted into the Hall of Fame, the Rotunda children, Mika and Taylor, better known as Bo Dallas, honored the tag team.

But Mika and Taylor made sure to recognize their brother Windham, known as Bray Wyatt, who died in August. As they spoke about feeling their brother's presence, the crowd lit up the arena with the fireflies that were always associated with Wyatt.

The U.S. Express also paid tribute to their fallen family member, lighting up the fireflies at the end of their speech as Wyatt's entrance music played throughout the arena.

Thunderbolt Patterson gets long deserved recognition

Thunderbolt Patterson received a warm welcome from the WWE Universe, earning his rightful place in wrestling history.

A pioneer in creating promos, his impact on professional wrestling is still felt today, evidenced by The New Day, which inducted him 31 years after his last television appearance. On Friday it felt like he never had left the ring. Patterson, who dealt with racism throughout the prime of his career, conducted an emphatic prayer with the crowd.

The Rock honors his grandmother

Lia Maivia took her place in the WWE Hall of Fame, posthumously inducted by her grandson, The Rock.

There was a quick stare down between The Rock and Rhodes, but The Rock turned the attention back to his family, and promised to take care of business at WrestleMania in their honor.

"I love you grandma, thank you so much," The Rock said to close out the show.

2024 WWE Hall of Fame: Thunderbolt Patterson, Lonnie Ali get their due (2024)
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